Wednesday, November 28, 2012

If Holy Qur’an Can Say

Holy qur’an is my name
I am a book in elegant  prints
To know my name here are some hints
Rich in my cover and nicely bound
I found in every muslims home
In hearth of muslim I’am rarely found
High on a shelf, I am kept
Forgotten there I am left
Sometime they put me on dirty places to dispel ghost and jinn as they said
And forgotten there I am left to
With respect I do get lots of kiss after reading
My main point is what they always miss
Neglecting the message inside me
At times iam used for phony swear
My true use is very rare
A miracle I am that can change the word
All one has to do is understand my word
Look what I must told to you
I have law
I have wisdom
So much so there is no measure
I am your savior
I am your guide
I am from Allah the creator of universe
I was taught by our phrophet Muhammad p.b.u.h, and depended with my fame
So, you must read me, learn me,  and told every one the content of me
Holy qur’an is my name

By: Ratmi/P.Bio/'11

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